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New Era for Revenge of the Birds

Cardinals fans have been without a voice long enough. Revenge of the Birds is back in business and better than ever. I couldn't sit on the sidelines any longer without giving fellow Cardinals fans their own voice in Sports Nation. My name is Charles Golden and I've been involved in the blogging community for about a year and a half. It'll be my job, we'll call it a labor of love, to restore ROTB to it's glory and provide Cards fans with a safe haven to talk Arizona football 24/7.

With all that being said here's whats in store for the immediate future. The next couple of weeks we'll be breaking down the draft and analyzing where the newest Cardinals fit into the current roster and depth chart. We'll also take a look at what other teams around the NFC West got this weekend. That will lead into some roster breakdowns and  previews of the upcoming season. We'll also be looking at what a change in defensive philosophy will mean to the current players. We'll also at some point squeeze in a preview of the 2008 schedule and look at some key games that'll be pivotal to the Birds making the step to the next level. Remember though, this blog is just as much mine as it is yours so feel free to bring up anything that you want to discuss in the diaries or contact me and we can work on a story together.

ROTB will also be undergoing the transformation to our new platform sometime tomorrow so please be patient and I'm confident that it'll be worth the wait.