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Cardinals Sign 13 Undrafted Free Agents


The odds are against any of these guys making much of an impact for the Cardinals in 2008 or anytime in the foreseeable  future for that matter, but it has happened before and Whisenhunt has had recent success finding a gem. Whisenhunt and Grimm were both part of the brain trust that plucked Willie Parker from the depths of the undrafted and have since watched him become a 2-time Pro Bowler. Here's a look at a couple of these interesting names:

Ali Highsmith - He's a bit undersized (depending on where you look, some list him under 6 ft) and he's often labeled as having a slow reaction to the ball. He's an above average athlete though who played sideline to sideline at LSU and was tied for the team lead in tackles (101 total) his senior season. He was equally good at rushing the quarterback (8 hurries, 3 INTs) as he was dropping back in coverage (8 pass breakups). The 1st team All-SEC linebacker should be able to make the roster and excel on special teams while he learns the pro game and bulks up.

Keilen Dykes - I'd like his chances of making the team even more if they hadn't already drafted two 3-4 defensive ends but Dykes should still have a decent shot of sticking around. He was stout enough to excel at defensive tackle but has the perfect size to be a run stuffing DE. He's not very explosive and lacks a quick burst off the line but compensates with a non-stop motor and above average athleticism. Dykes is the kind of guy who they might be able to stash on the practice squad for a season while he reaps the benefits of a year of professional coaching and strength program.

Dennis Keyes - He got better each year as a three year starter and has the size and instincts to stick around in this league. Keyes isn't a great athlete but he has decent speed for his size (4.6), a great motor, and is a solid tackler. He's got the makeup to contribute early on special teams and could develop into a player with some seasoning.

Keep in mind the chances of these guys becoming stars is slim to none but every team needs role players and special teams standouts. Finding a diamond among the rough also goes a long way to saving your team from having to waste a draft pick in subsequent drafts. Any of the other names interest anyone?