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Cardinals' GM is Best in League When it Comes to the Draft

Could it be true that Cardinals GM, Rod Graves, is the best in the league when it comes to finding talent in the draft? Well that's the conclusion that Dan Pompei came to after researching every GM's draft history. First lets looks look at the parameters of his research: He is rating each GM based on a ‘batting average’ and that average is based on the number of picks that have turned into NFL starters. A starter is loosely defined as a player who started the majority of games for at least one season regardless of whether or not that season was with the original drafting team.

Now we obviously know that truly grading a draft pick is nearly impossible because there are too many variables. For instance, if a guy starts 9 games in a season because two other guys get injured and then never gets another start really considered a successful pick? Well no of course not, but if the parameters are consistent and defined throughout the research then the results are somewhat valid. So with all that being said, who ranked first?


Rod Graves,  Arizona Cardinals

Average: .545 (18 for 33)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 6.0


Mike Tannenbaum/Eric Mangini, NY Jets

Average: .500 (7 for 14)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 0.0


Bill Polian, Indianapolis Colts

Average: .481 (38 for 79)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 11.3


Marv Levy/Dick Jauron, Buffalo Bills

Average: .437 (7 for 16)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 0.0


Ozzie Newsome, Baltimore Ravens

Average: .416 (40 for 96)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 11.4


AJ Smith, San Diego Chargers

Average: .390 (16 for 41)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 12.1


Shack Harris/Jack Del Rio, Jacksonville Jaguars

Average: .386 (17 for 44)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 2.2


Tim Ruskell, Seattle Seahawks

Average: .347 (8 for 23)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 4.3


Mike Nolan/Scot McCloughan, San Francisco 49ers

Average: .344 (10 for 29)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 6.8


Jerry Angelo, Chicago Bears

Average: .333 (17 for 51)

Percentage of Pro Bowlers: 7.8


So what does this mean, well not much when you really think about it? It does however, point to the fact that the Cardinals are a young team and should be getting better. It is an indication that for the first time in a while this franchise is headed in the right direction and that light at the end of the tunnel isn’t an oncoming train.