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And the Cardinals' #3 Wide Reciever is....

The top 3 names on the wide receiver depth chart has been the same since 2004, but that all changed when Bryant Johnson signed with division-rival San Fransisco. The hole at the #3 spot seemed to be filled when Arizona took Early Doucet in the third round of the draft, but receivers coach Mike Miller is quick to say, not so fast. Doucet won't be handed anything and there's quite a list of guys competing for roster spots at receiver. The list includes the likes of second year Steve Breaston, veteran Jerheme Urban and a couple of other guys, if you believe the coaching staff (Sean Morey, Ahmad Merritt and Jamaica Rector).

Steve Breaston - He didn't provide much in terms of receiving in 2007, but he was one of the better return men in the league. Breaston averaged 9.4 yards per return and took one back for a score, not bad for a rookie drafted in the 5th round. According to reports, Breaston used the off season work on his receiving skills and seems dedicated to becoming more than a return specialist.

Jerheme Urban - The most accomplished of the candidates for #3, Urban grabbed 22 passes in 2007 for 329 yards. Last season was by far his best in the league, after two seasons in Seattle. He was un-drafted in 2004.

Sean Morey - Morey hangs his hat on special teams and is one of many former Steelers on the current roster. Morey is an unaccomplished receiver but does a bit of everything, returning kicks and playing special teams.

Ahmad Merritt - He missed all of 2007, his first year with the Cardinals, after dislocating his ankle in the pre-season. Merritt hasn't had an NFL reception since 2003, but the highlight of his career was a 47 yard run for a touchdown on a reverse for the Bears in a playoff loss to the Eagles. It was the last offensive touchdown scored in the old Soldier Field (yea you can win a ton of bets at your local bar with that little known fact).

Jamaica Rector - A speedster who has yet to record his first NFL reception. Rector was with Dallas for the previous two seasons, as was offensive coordinator Todd Haley.

Granted, it would be a significant surprise if Doucet doesn't win the #3 job, but competition always brings the best out of players and that seems to be the case with Early:

“That’s why you come to the NFL and play football, is to get a chance to get on the field,” Doucet said. “I don’t expect them to give me that third-receiver spot but I want to show I am capable of being that third guy.”



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