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Cardinals Shuffle Scouting Department

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The Cardinals have made some drastic changes in their scouting department in the past two weeks. In total they've fired/not renewed the contracts of three scouts, Lonnie Young, Bill Dekraker and Rashaan Curry and one pro scout has retired (Jim Stanley). Young is the surprise firing because he was considered by some to be an up and comer and rumors were circulating that he'd be promoted rather than fired. He was the supervisor of the western part of the country but not he's supposedly in line for a job with the Ravens. The big winner of the shake-up is Steve Keim who was promoted from director of college scouting to director of playing personnel. They also promoted Malik Boyd from area scout to regional scout and Don Corzine from combine scout to area scout.

Keim's new role will include coordinating the activities of both college and pro scouting departments and reports directly to Rod Graves. Boyd, who is entering his fourth season with the team, is now responsible for cross-checking players in the western half of the country. Corzine, also in his fourth season, will scout players from the eastern part of the country. General Manager, Rod Graves, is currently conducting interviews to fill four positions, two on the college side and two pro jobs, and hirings are expected by the end of the month. I haven't found any postings on or yet, but if anyone knows where we can go to fill out an application make sure to let us know (I'm sure we're all qualified).

Update: Lonnie Young's departure seems to be related to a disagreement over compensation. Young was being considered for a promotion but the two sides couldn't agree on money. Young, who was well regarded within the organization, is reported to be headed to the Ravens. Young had been with the team for 5 years after being a Cardinal player for a six seasons from 1985 to 1990.