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First Mini-Camp Today - Football is Back!!!

In the calendar year of NFL Football today probably ranks pretty low on the totem poll but it is the first time that our team has been on the field in months. The rookies will get their first taste of the NFL and guys like Leinart will be able to get their feet wet again after a short season due to injury.

The good news for the Cards is that everyone showed up. There wasn't a lot of doubt that they would but Anquan Boldin and Darnell Dockett have chirped about their contracts since the end of the '07 season. Guys checked in last night and got their pictures taken as well as their physicals. The first practice should already be over for today and if there's anything to report, we'll bring it to you.

For now though the only thing to remember is the Annual Cardinals Fan Fest is tomorrow. Get there early for autographs for the kids and stick around to watch practice. The Diamondbacks don't play until 3:45 tomorrow so come out early and get some football watching in before setting in to see Brandon Webb beat down the Mets and add to their division lead.