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Cardinals Get Ready to Start OTAs

Ota_mediumRookies have reported, veterans are on the way and the Arizona Cardinals are about to open 'organized team activities.' Today will start a stretch of 14 OTAs over the course of the next four weeks. The coaching staff will be implementing the play book including blitz, red zone, and two minute packages as well as the no-huddle offense. OTAs are pretty low intensity practices considering that contact is prohibited, but it is a chance for coaches to test how much rookies can retain in a relatively short amount of time.

"This is the next step in the process," coach Ken Whisenhunt said. "It’s just a chance to further evaluate young players, as well as work on some of things we have learned about ourselves through the first year."

I'll be updating as we hear word of who failed to show up. Roll call could be interesting considering the number of players who have stated a desire for new contracts.  Boldin and Dockett seem like the biggest question marks although it's worth also mentioning that Edge regularly misses at least some of these activities in order to continue to work out in Miami.

"If we want to look at a certain player at a certain position, that will be the only time you don’t get that look (if players are absent)," Whisenhunt said. "But it’s just like in a game, the next guy has to step up."


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