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Leinart Ready to Focus on Football

Matt Leinart didn't have the kind of season he was expecting in 2007. After seeing his playing time diminish thanks to a rare QB rotation employed by the coaching staff, Leinart broke his collarbone in week five and was done for the season. He had an even worse off season though when pictures surfaced of him surfaced partying at his home. Rumors swirled of underage drinking at his house and whether or not any of it was true, the damage was done. Leinart's now ready to focus on football and ready to get back on the field with his team. Just for the record though, Matt's  more concerned about what his team mates and coaches think than the public perception:

"I know that they support me 100 percent. ... All the other stuff doesn’t really mean a lot to me. What means a lot to me is this football team and moving forward."


Coach Whisenhunt was on record saying that he was disappointed with his quarterback but he's also noted that Matt's been working hard this off season.

"He understands the fishbowl he’s living in as a quarterback in the NFL. That’s the way it is. He’s working his rear end off. ... I’ve seen him up here at times when he didn’t have to, including time spent studying videotape of opponents. If you’re asking me about his commitment, just from what I’ve seen in this offseason, I have no doubts about him wanting to be one of the best quarterbacks and working hard at that."

It's an understatement to say that the Cardinals are depending on Leinart to become a franchise QB this season. So many pieces are in place with an impressive group of skill position players and a young and improving defense that some solid, efficient quarterback play could have the Cardinals in the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. Not to mention the money and time that the franchise has invested in Leinart.