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Cardinals Look Around the NFC

Here's a quick look at some other NFC contenders and the potential problems brewing for them:

  • The defending Super Bowl Champs are mired in turmoil right now, and Plax_medium
    ETVAL is doing his best to throw water on the ever-growing fire. Their #1 WR, Plaxico Burress, wants a new contract and won't practice until he gets one, All-Pro tight end Jeremy Shockey is not happy and tired of hearing his name connected with trade rumors, and their defensive leader, Micheal Strahan, retired.
  • The Seahawks don't seem to be overly worried about Bobby Engram's contract demands but there is some concern about rookie defensive tackle Red Bryant who not exactly adhering the 'no-contact' rule of mini-camps.
  • The NFC South Champion Buccaneers are in danger of going from QB 'overload' to needing a QB. Chris Simms can't look his coach in the eye and Jeff Garcia can't keep him mouth shut. It doesn't sound like either of them is too excited about another season in Tampa and that could leave the Bucs with Brian Griese.
  • Shoulder tendinitis isn't a reason to run for the hills but it's not exactly what you'd like to hear out of your franchise QB especially one who has a long history of injuries. That's exactly what the Eagles are having to manage with Donovan McNabb.

That's all I have for now, any other news jumping out at you guys?