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Cardinals Hire Former Eagles VP of Player Personnel, Jason Licht?

Rumors are circulating that the Arizona Cardinals are on the verge of hiring the former Eagles' VP of player personnel, Jason Licht. He has been with the Eagles since 2003, and prior to that was with the Patriots. He was reportedly let go not because of a lack of performance or results but instead he had a falling out with the VP of football administration Howie Roseman (who is seen as the protege of team president Joe Banner). Bleeding Green Nation covered the story when Licht was fired, nearly a month ago.

Licht's position would be in the pro personnel department in some manner as there are several open positions since the Cardinals shuffled their scouting department. Obviously I don't know much about a front office guy who's been in the northeast for the past decade or so, but it would be hard to not be pleased with a guy who's been in two of the more successful organizations in the NFL. As soon as something is official, I'll update.