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2008 Arizona Cardinals - Madden Style

I held off posting these for a while partly because I realize how pointless it is but also because they don't seem very accurate, at least in my mind. Still as inaccurate as it is, at one time or another I'm sure most of us loved playing Madden. I know that for a while I anxiously awaited the release date each year and would miss countless classes the following week. I haven't bought the past couple editions but that really has more to do with refusing to upgrade my game console than actually not wanting to play the game. So on to the 2009 Madden rankings for the Arizona Cardinals:


My problems with this are pretty basic. I can understand getting Elton Brown's position wrong because he's played both, but I don't understand how Tim Castille isn't even listed on the depth chart. The only possible explanation that makes sense is that they didn't see him beating out Terrelle Smith so he didn't end up making the roster. Other than that the only things that interest me are I wonder what Tim Hightower is rated and I wonder how fast they made Doucet.


Ugh, where to start. I don't understand how with all of the resources at EA Sports that it didn't dawn on anyone that the Cardinals aren't running a 4-3 anymore. Outside of that if you look at the rankings and try and project the actual lineup, it actually pretty promising. The D-Line of Dockett, Smith and Watson/Branch should be able to hold their own and each of the OLBs is rated in the 80's so they should be able to generate some pass rush. I'd imagine this defense could be pretty solid on the game once DRC is pumped up a bit. I wonder they listed his speed at as well.

Anyways, if you have the game enjoy it. I know it was always pretty effective at quenching my 'football thirst' during a long offseason. If you do and you want to share the attributes of any prominent players or rookies, please feel free. If you're a retired Madden player like myself, we'll have to wait another month before we can enjoy some real football news.

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