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JJ Arrington Has Been Arrested

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The details are still pretty sketchy but JJ Arrington has been arrested in his home state of North Carolina overnight and is charged with disorderly conduct. He was reportedly involved in a fight at the D & I Event Center and a total of five people were arrested in the altercation. He's currently being held in the Nash County Jail.

As more news becomes available I'm continue to update. Players being arrested has always been bad news but in the 'new NFL' with Commissioner Goodell ruling with an iron fist, Arrington could be facing a short suspension.

Update: According to AZ Republic, a spokesperson for the Cardinals confirmed that they are aware of the situation and were seeking further details. The only other news that we know now that we didn't know this morning was that an undercover officer is the one who called police to the scene about 1:30 in the morning.