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Arizona Cardinals Fill Out Scouting Deptartment

The Cardinals scouting department is now complete after four new hires recently. As we suspected Jason Licht (pronounced "light") was hired as a Personnel Executive, focusing on the pro side of scouting. Licht's previous job was with the Eagles as vice president of player personnel for five seasons and prior to that he was with the Patriots. He'll work directly with Steve Keim who was recently promoted to director of player personnel.56257070_medium

The other hires included former Cardinals safety Quentin Harris, Mike Boni and Dru Grigson. Harris, who played for the in Arizona from 2002 to 2005, will be a pro scout while Boni and Grigson will be involved in college scouting. Boni, who spent the past two years with the Bills, will focus on talent in the northeast and Grigson who was a volunteer scout with the Eagles last year, will focus on players in the southeast and central regions of the US. With these hirings the scouting department is now fully staffed once again since an overhaul shortly after the draft.