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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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  • Receiver Jerheme Urban is glad he can finally give back to his home community as he's returning to Victoria, Texas to hold his first annual football camp. The camp will be for high school age players and is free of charge. Urban was born is Victoria and attended college at nearby Trinity University where he holds school records for career touchdowns, season touchdowns and kickoff return yards in a career and a season as well as several track and field records. Urban is in group of receivers fighting for the #3 job.
  • CBS Sports makes their case for why Warner should be the starter instead of Leinart. According to Clark Judge, the Cardinals have a legitimate shot to win the NFC West and Warner is more capable of leading to them to that goal. He also makes a case that if their caliber of play is close in the preseason, that Warner should get the nod over Leinart. 


  • ESPN is also covering the QB battle situation but they're sticking to the middle  ground and not naming their choice, at least not yet. They do seem to notice that Warner doesn't seem content standing on the sidelines. They also cover the battle for the #3 receiver, injury concerns and Rolle moving to free safety.
  • covers the JJ Arrington arrest and has a bit of extra news. Arrington was held for 24 hours in contempt of court after he was charged with contempt of court but the other four who were arrested were charged with lesser crimes. Reportedly the team is still gathering details. 
  • According to Pro Football Weekly, early reports out of the Cardinals are that Ali Highsmith has a good shot at making the final roster. So far, according to them, he's shown an impressive blend of strength and quickness. 
    takes a look at the expectations facing the Cardinals this season and if they can live up them.