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Matt Leinart is Arizona Cardinals Starting QB or Is He?

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Warner_ota_mediumIn what can only be described as a head-scratching move, Kurt Warner took most of the snaps with the first team during last Thursday's practice while Matt Leinart ran the second squad. It's the first time this offseason that Warner has taken snaps with the first unit but, Coach Whisenhunt was quick to downplay the move after practice. If this is a ploy to keep Matt sharp and remind him that he has stay on top of his game if he wants to stay on the field, I'm all for it.



There haven't been any rumblings about Leinart's play in practice or his work habits in the classroom. He's attended training sessions with the strength and conditioning coach and regularly watched tape with quarterbacks coach, Jeff Rutledge and offensive coordinator, Todd Haley.  So this would seem to be just a not-so-subtle reminder that, even though Matt is the starter, Warner is also capable of leading this team. Anyone smell controversy or is this just a way to keep Matt on his toes?