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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

Not much news coming out of Arizona Cardinals land but here's what some National Media is saying about the Birds:

  • Sporting News talks about which playoff participants from 2007 will miss the post season in 2008 and which teams will replace them.  Don't get your hopes up though, they cite a shaking offensive line, questionable defense and a quarterback controversy as reasons while the Cardinals will miss the playoffs yet again. Call me crazy but I feel pretty comfortable with the returning offensive line and an improved 3-4 defense. The QB situation isn't quite right yet but Matt should be able to make strides this season and if he falls on his face, Warner can step in an pick up the slack.

Speaking of the law of averages favoring a certain NFL team, look for plenty of preseason prognostications for the Cardinals reaching the playoffs. Some might even think the Cardinals will win their second postseason game since the Truman administration.
Don’t count on it.

  • Fox Sports weighs in on the contract situations of Anquan Boldin and Darnell Dockett and whether or not each of them deserve new contracts. Boldin, by their view, is a valued team leader who should and most likely will get his contract re-worked sometime in the near future. Dockett on the other hand is simply asking for too much too soon after signing a new deal. Can't say I disagree with either of those arguments.
  • In yet another story on pointless power rankings, ESPN has released one and the Arizona Cardinals check in at #17. I guess that's better than most and to be fair, the Cardinals have to prove they're something more than preseason sleepers every year before they get some respect. The good news is that they'll get plenty of chances to prove they deserve to be higher on the ladder since they play 7 of the teams ranked ahead of them, including Seattle twice (ranked 8th).
  • Here's also an interesting breakdown of the tight end position and how it has gone from an area of weakness to a spot stocked with young and veteran talent.