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Arizona Cardinals Question of the Week

Kevin_jones_1__medium Ron_dayne_medium
We've talked about several free agent running backs (including Kevin Jones, LaMont Jordan and Cedric Benson) and haven't talked about several others (Shaun Alexander, Ron Dayne and Travis Henry) for various reasons. The recent arrest of JJ Arrington got me thinking even more about the possibility of signing another running back. Arrington's arrest may or may not effect his status with the team for the upcoming season, but regardless the depth at running back is questionable at best. A significant injury to Edgerrin James might just be the worst single injury that the Cardinals could sustain in 2008.

So that got me thinking, if I'm Rod Graves, what would I do? Would I want to look at a another running back to sign or does the current crop of free agents have too many question marks, including injury concerns (Jones & Jordan), age concerns (Alexander, Dayne) or off the field baggage concerns (Benson & Henry)? What would you do? If you have another guy on your mind, feel free to share as well.