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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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  • Pro Football Weekly says the Warner has jumped both Karlos Dansby and 
    Anquan Boldin in the proverbial contract line. Warner and the front office have been working on an extension which isn't all that surprising. They mention how how Tim Hightower could have an even bigger role since the Arrington arrest and this time compare Hightower to Steven Jackson.
  • Kent Somers reports that the Cardinals long time trainer, John Omohundro has retired. He has been the Cardinals trainer or 36 seasons and has worked 814 games for the Cardinals. That's a long time to be with any team and he'll be missed by many inside the organization.
  • Darren Urban has an interesting take on how Tommie Harris' new contract could effect Darnell Dockett's mindset. Harris, defensive tackle for the Bears,Dockett_medium got a new contract last week that was basically a four year extension for $40 million. Dockett and Harris are not only friends but they also share the same evil agent, Drew Roshenhaus. Don't think for a second that Rosenhaus hasn't whispered this contract in Dockett's ear.
  • Yahoo Sports takes a couple of quick looks at the revamped scouting department, the guys who want new contracts and the new turf they enjoy during training camp.