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Arizona Cardinals Players in the Fantasy World

No this isn't a story about how Brian Westbrook ruined Fitz's fantasy team by falling to the ground instead of waltzing into the end zone during week 15 games against the Cowboys (but here's the link in case your interested). Instead it's a look at where the Cardinals' players rank in some pre-season polls, according to ESPN and Yahoo Sports.


Overall, I guess I can't argue with those numbers a great deal but I do question some of the guys that are ahead of Edge (Earnest Graham, LenDale White among others). I've got a longer post coming on Edge's upcoming season and his future beyond 2008 so I'll save my 'hot sports opinions' on him until then. I also wonder why Boldin is so much lower on the totem pole amongst wide receivers but it is encouraging that someone projects the defense to be in the upper half of the NFL. I'll go on record today that if the Cardinals' defense is 13th in terms of fantasy points, this team will be in the playoffs. Anyways what do you think, agree/disagree with the rankings? Also let me know if anyone is interested in starting our own ROTB fantasy league this year.