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Arizona Cardinals Question of the Week?

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Rolle_and_wilson_medium Much has been made of Antrel Rolle's move to free safety and the consensus seems to be that he's got the tools to excel as a safety. Rolle was known as a physical corner so few question his ability to step into a role that requires a player to be a sure tackler. There is one thing that Rolle will have in his favor, he's got a Pro Bowl safety to learn from. Adrian Wilson's career has been highlighted with three seasons of at least 90 tackles, two seasons of at least 5 sacks, five seasons with multiple interceptions and a 2006 Pro Bowl. Together they have the potential (yea I hate that word at much as the next guy) to form one of the best safety combinations in the league. Rarely does a team have two really good safeties and I can't wait to see it on the field. They should make a unique combination with Wilson ranging all over the field supporting the run and the pass and Rolle ranging in center field just waiting to capitalize on every quarterback's mistake. One things keeps popping into my head though, can they both be Pro Bowlers, if not which one is more likely to make it to Hawaii?

How good do you think Rolle can be at safety and can he be productive in his first season? Will he need a season of transition or is he finally ready to live up to his draft status?