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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinal Style

Here's a spin around the SB Nation to see what other clubs are talking about:

  • The Bills are a little worried that second year running back, Marshawn Lynch could be in some legal trouble. Police are investigating a hit-and-run incident involving a car registered to Lynch. Any story involving Lynch behind the wheel has to include this You Tube gold:

  • The Bengals finally found out the real reason why Odell Thurman was cut just a short time after the death of his grandmother. Thurman failed another drug test and is now facing an indefinite suspension, quite sad considering he's only 24 years old.
  • The 49ers are making no bones about their hotly-contested quarterback battle . It looks like, at least for now, Alex Smith and his monster contract are in the lead.
  • The Cowboys had a big news days, especially for early June. Pacman Jones got reinstated 'sort of' and TO got his new contract. I didn't care much about the Pacman mess, but the TO contract is something that all Cardinals fans should take a look at. Why you ask? TO and Boldin have the same agent so don't think for a second that the Cards won't have to look at this deal when negotiating with Q.
  • The Broncos break down the surprising release of running back Travis Henry. Henry's got as many off the field problems as any player in the league but he signed a semi-big free agent deal last season and had a great start (498 yards in first 5 games) before injuries, failed drug tests, and nine children got the in way.
  • In other Arizona sports news, the Diamondbacks were ecstatic turn the calendar and put the horrible month of May behind them. The Suns are still in search of a head coach but for the now the attention is turned to the upcoming NBA draft and what the 15th pick might hold.