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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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  • Brandon Keith, the Cards seventh round pick, plead guilty to two misdemeanor charges from March of this year. The charges included interfering with officials, which cost him a year of probation, and a rioting charge, for which he got a deferred charge. If he completes his probation without incidence, the rioting charge will be dropped from his record. Coach Whisenhunt and the front office did know about the charges on draft day.
  • The deadline to resign Karlos Dansby is fast approaching (July 15th) but the team and his agent don't seem any closer to negotiating a long term deal. General Manager Rod Graves talks about the ongoing conversations (of lack thereof) with Dansby's agent and touches on the contract situations with Boldin as well. With the Cardinals lack of cap room, it doesn't seem likely that either will get new deals before the season starts.
  • Team officials still believe that Boldin will report to camp on time even if he doesn't get a new contract. The combination of his status as a team leader and the fines amounting to $14,000 to $15,000 bucks a day should be enough to get him to Flagstaff on time. It's also still believed that the Cards will keep a close eye on cuts by other teams as they attempt to find a veteran backup offensive tackle. With their limited cap space, it would have to be a pretty marginal player though.
  • The cohesiveness of the offensive line has been apparent throughout the offseason but there have been some rumblings that the team expects Levi Brown and Deuce Lutui to make significant strides in terms of consistency. Mike Gandy and Reggie Wells have been 'rock solid' so far and big things are expected from the left side of the line.
  • We've seen numerous reports about Leinart taking his training and classroom work more serious this offseason and now it looks like he's embracing his role as a role model as well. He recently made news when he attended a Make-A-Wish luncheon and pledged to grant one wish a month for a year (equivalent to $60,000 donation). He was reportedly emotional as he spoke to the crowd about his previous experiences with the Make-A-Wish foundation.