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Is LaMont Jordan a Good Fit for the Arizona Cardinals?

T1_lamont_si_medium Well if you haven't heard, LaMont Jordan is officially on the market. He's not exactly the ideal age for a running back (he'll turn 30 later this year) but unlike most 30 years old, he's got considerably less miles on tires than most backs. He's only had one season in which he logged more than 200 carries and has less than 800 carries spread over the course of his seven year career. The knocks on his game are obvious, he's huge injury risk and will most likey never be featured, workhorse back. A question the Cardinals would have to ask themselves should be: is bringing in another 29 year old running back really the answer to the Cardinals backfield question marks?

How would Jordan's game work for the Arizona Cardinals? Jordan's a versatile back to does alot of things well but nothing spectacular. He's an above average back out of the backfield who caught 70 passes in his only season as a starter and has averaged over eight yards a reception over the course of his career. Sure he wasn't the most effective player as a featured back but as a contributing #2, he's a force. I'd have to think the 1-2 punch of Edge and Jordan would be a dynamic combination and both of thier skill sets would favor the pass-heavy attack that we're building.

So if the price is right, would you want Jordan in the fold or am I putting too little faith in Shipp and Arrington?