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Arizona Cardinals Question of the Week

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The Arizona Cardinals seem to have one unified goal this season: make the playoffs. When you see/hear interviews from coaches and/or players, you don't hear things like 'we're just trying to get better or grow as a team,' they are talking about winning and winning early and often. They would likely have to win the West to get into the playoffs and that would certainly be the safest way. The Seahawks represent the biggest challenge in obtaining that goal. Their schedule is of course very similar to the Cardinals except that they play Green Bay and Tampa Bay instead of Minnesota and Carolina. The Rams should be a much better team than they wereStadium_medium in 2007 as long as they can stay healthy and the Niners should improve but both teams have too many questions marks to seriously contend for the division crown, IMO. It is conceivable that the West could be decided on the final game of the season when the Seahawks come to Arizona. So the question I pose to you is how many wins will the Cardinals have to amass to win the West? Also, can they do it or are they still a year away? Is this a 'playoffs or bust' system?