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Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie Not Likely to be at Arizona Cardinals Camp on Time

Darren Urban just posted a note saying that general manager Rod Graves has acknowledged that there is a strong possibility that DRC will not get his deal finalized by the start of training camp (tomorrow). Rodgers-Cromartie's agent has been traveling and hasn't been able to talk money yet with the Cardinals. The players report for camp tomorrow but the first actual practice isn't until Friday so there is 'wiggle room' for the rest of the week.

While it may not be a disastrous situation for DRC to miss a couple of practices, he is a very raw player who will need as many snaps in camp as possible. Hopefully if he isn't in camp on Wednesday or Thursday, he spends that time eating burgers and drinking protein shakes to try and bulk up to close to 200 pounds.