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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Update: Who Showed & Who is Injured?

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The Good News: Everyone is present and accounted for. Not only did Boldin and Dockett both show up as expected but Dockett added that he's ready to focus on football instead of his desire for a new contract. Boldin didn't meet with the media but he's expected to talk tomorrow. The other good news is that Leonard Pope and Adrian Wilson shouldn't be limited in camp.

The Bad News: The injury situation is a litlte worse that orginally anticipated. Gabe Watson's knee isn't ready to go yet but we all knew he'd be limited. He currently weighs 323, the smallest amount he's weighed since his junior year in high school, and appears to be in great shape. He's kept the weight off with a small amount of running but mostly by biking, swimming and walking. His knee though is quite a way from being 100% though and Coach Whiz even said that it would be 'tight' to get him many practice reps in training camp. Linebacker, Monty Beisel had surgery on his ailing back and will miss a couple of weeks. At one point in the past couple of weeks he had problems even sitting down but overall the injury isn't considered serious and he should be fully recovered in a couple of weeks. The other injury is undrafted free agent, Keilen Dykes. He's pulled a quad earlier and will be limited for a short amount of time. For a UDFA though a couple of practices could be the difference between the practice squad and an outright release.

Remember that the conditioning test is tomorrow and I'll update as soon as I can.