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Anquan Boldin is Not Happy and Not Backing Down

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I'm sure we'll get more details on the situation but for now we know that Anquan Boldin talked to the media today and he didn't pull any punches. According to Darren Urban, he told the media that he has told Drew Rosenhaus to stop negotiating with the team and that he would not sign a new deal. He wouldn't say that he would demand a trade and he understands that he still has three years on his deal but he did make it clear that his days in Arizona are numbered.

"It's been going on two years, especially after last year, I was promised a new deal before the season," Boldin said. "Right now I don’t want a deal. People might think I am being funny or saying it just to say it, but for me, I’m tired of it. I wash my hands of the whole situation. My agent is under orders to not negotiate."

Here's what Boldin had say when asked how fans would react:

Boldin said he would tell them he wants a new contract “because I’ve earned it. I think my numbers speak for themselves, and they (the Cardinals) even came out publicly and said that I outplayed my contract. I mean, I don’t have to make a case to anybody about why I’m deserving of a new contract. That’s self-explanatory.”

It has nothing to do with Fitzgerald’s deal, either, he said. “Larry earned everything that he got. Honestly, he played his butt off. He deserved it.”

I'm sure we'll get the full transcript of his interview later this evening or tomorrow morning but for now, I can't imagine it being much worse. I'd still like to see him turn down a contract similar to Fitz's but we may never see that happen.