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Arizona Cardinals Question of the Week

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The obvious choice after the wildfire that started yesterday is what in the world to do with Anquan Boldin but with two stories in the past 24 hours (seen here and here), I'll refrain from beating a dead horse. If you want to weigh in on how the Arizona Cardinals should handle Boldin, please follow either link above and add you comments, concerns and thoughts.

The first practice of camp in the books (9:05 - 10:30 this morning) and anotherDrc2_medium practice is scheduled this afternoon, but the Cardinals first round pick is still unsigned and not in camp. According to Rod Graves, talks are ongoing and both sides are hopeful that a deal can be reached sooner rather than later. The negotiations should go quickly since the 15th pick (Branden Albert) and 17th pick (Gosder Cherilus) have signed. With DRC being the 16th pick, the sides should just have to slide in between those two contracts. We shall see though, several days ago the team was sure that he would miss any of camp. He's the rookie that will probably see the most playing time and certainly the rookie who needs every practice rep he can get. So I pose the question to you, when will DRC sign and report to camp?