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Official Revenge of the Birds Fantasy Football League

Just a reminder that time is running out to sign up for the inaugural Official Revenge of the Birds fantasy league. The deadline is tomorrow and spots are still open so if you've been lurking around the site for a while, waiting for the right time to join the group, take advantage of this opportunity. It's easy to sign up for the league, just follow the links below and it's easy to sign up and join the group here at ROTB. All you need is an email address and registration is free, then your voice can be heard as you post comments and fan posts.

I am sure you have seen the ads and banners pubbing The Fanhouse Lagues. All the SBNation football blogs are running their respecitve FFL's through AOL's exciting new service (formerly FleaFlicker). If you've been looking for a great league full of fellow Arizona Cardinals fans, look no further. 

The way this is going to work is simple. Head on over to TheFanhouseLeagues to register for the league of your choice. If the league gets more than 12 members, everyone who has registered will be entered into a 'drawing' in which the winning members will be awarded a spot in the league. The drawing should be on or around July 31st. 

If you don't "win" a spot in the 'Official' League, no worries. I will create other Leagues so that you can still try your hand at beating me. The number of leagues will be determined by interest, so if you are interested in playing, please SIGN UP!Ffl_medium

In review, here is what you should do -

1.  REGISTER for the Revenge of the Birds FFL League
2.  Wait to see if you are chosen at random
3.  Get ready for the draft

Remember, even if you are not chosen for the "Feature" league, don't fret. I'll create as many alternate league as possible. If anyone has any problems registering please feel free to send me an email or post a comment in this thread and I'll contact you.

See you at the FanHouse and GO CARDINALS!!!