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Complete Wrap-Up the First Weekend of Arizona Cardinals Training Camp

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The first weekend of camp is in the books and the best news is that there isn't any bad news to report. No significant injuries and every single player is present and practicing when healthy. The upcoming week should be fun with eight practices in the next 5 days. I'll do my best to wrap up each day of practice but don't forget to add any news/tidbits that I miss. I know some of you guys are lucky enough to be able toDrc6_medium make it too a few practices so enlighten the rest of us with you reviews of camp. 

  • The best news of the weekend was the signing of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to a six year deal, although according to Darren Urban it's 'really' a five year deal. The sixth year is voidable by the player, similar to the rookie contract of Larry Fitzgerald, so in reality it's a five year deal but the structure helps them spread out the bonus money. I'm sure we'll be getting a daily update on how DRC looks in practice, but for now he passed his conditioning test and is ready to learn and grow as a player over the next several weeks.
  • In order to make room on the roster for DRC, the Cardinals released Chris Vincent. Vincent spent part of last season on the practice squad after his senior season at Oregon. As I stated in the breakdown of the running backs, he didn't really have a defined position and was a long shot for even the practice squad.
  • The biggest surprising news of the weekend, at least in my mind, is that Bryan Robinson has been running with the first team at nose tackle. With Gabe Watson out it was assumed that Alan Branch would step in and make a push to keep the starting job. This could be Whiz playing head games with a guy who had an 'underachiever' label heading into the draft, but only time will tell. Branch has the physical tools to play this game very well but he's got to get his head wrapped around football.
  • Chike Okeafor seems pumped about being back on the football field but he got an ear full from Coach Whiz after a tackle of Early Doucet. Not only was in during a non-tackle drill but it also could have been flagged as a 'horse-collar.' With an emphasis on playing smarter football and minimizing penalties, I'd imagine we'll hear about instances like this pretty regularly.
  • A bit of a downer is that Boldin tweaked a hamstring during the Saturday afternoon practice. It's not serious and if you're looking for a silver-lining, at least it'll mean more reps for younger guys like Breaston and Doucet. Darren Urban also has some tid-bits about Adrian Wilson blowing up JJ Arrington and Tim Hightower ending practice with an impressive run.
  • Urban also has an interesting analysis of Kurt Warner's contract situation and it's starting to sound like it won't be as cut-and-dry as originally thought. Maybe I'm just reading too much into his comments but he just sounds like a guy who isn't interested in doing anything other than being a starting quarterback.