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Najeh Davenport Wants to be an Arizona Cardinal

Najeh Davenport was recently on NFL radio and he named the Lions and Cardinals as two teams that he'd like to play for this season. Even though they were only together for one season, Davenport cites a good working relationship with current Cardinal head coach, former Steeler offensive coordinator Ken Whisenhunt.

Granted it doesn't matter how many times Davenport drops the Cardinals name during interviews. They're either interested or they're not, but for now we just don't know. Whisenhunt thought enough of him two years ago to bring him in after he was cut by the Packers, but he's obviously not in the same situation right now with the Cardinals.

Update: Good news Cardinals fans, Rod Graves says the team has 'no interest' in Najeh Davenport, according to Kent Somers.