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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinal Style

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  • CBS Sports identifies their 30 players most likely to break out this season and as you'd expect, most of them are second or third year guys. There were two Cardinals made the list and if this is correct, I'd expect big things from the Cardinals in 2008:

5. Antrel Rolle, S, Arizona Cardinals: The scouts all said Rolle didn't have the hips to play corner. So even though he made some big plays last season -- including two picks for scores in one game -- Rolle moves to free safety this season. Look for Rolle to be much more of a fit at safety. He is a playmaker who will complement Adrian Wilson well. 

7. Matt Leinart, QB, Arizona Cardinals: His second season was cut short in 2008 when he suffered a broken collarbone in the fifth game. That led to Kurt Warner taking over and playing well. But Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt is going back to Leinart, which is the right move. Leinart can be the Cardinals' franchise passer and this is the season he proves that to the many skeptics.

  • takes another look at the contract situations with Boldin, Dockett, Dansby and Wilson. They believe that GM Rod Graves should be more concentrated on Wilson and Dansby that on Q and DD, and I for one couldn't agree more.
  • The Cardinals official site has an interesting story about the Cardinals 7th round pick, Brandon Keith. He talks about his off the field issues prior to the draft and how he's handled himself since. They also touch on what he needs to improve on and his goals for the upcoming season and beyond. Stadium_medium
  • If you're still looking for your season tickets, your are in luck. The Cardinals season ticket sales are lagging behind the previous two seasons but they do still expect to continue the current streak of 20 straight sell outs. If you're in the market for single game tickets, they will go on sale on July 26th.