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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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We're awaiting the official news that the Cardinals have signed former 49er, Brandon Moore. ESPN is reporting it as a done deal but it doesn't mention who was released so it can't be an official signing until someone is let go. Until we get some more details, here's what the rest of the world is talking about in regards to the Cards:

  • USA Today does another story on Matt Leinart and his new found maturity. They're not really breaking any new ground but if your in the mood for another 'feel-good' story, check it out. They also go out on a big limb and say that Leinart will be the starter in week one (yea that's dripping with sarcasm).
  • Special teams is a big question mark heading into 2008, especially with Neil Rackers and Dirk Johnson. Rackers' goal is to be consistent this year and with a new holder (that he likes) and a return to health, he's hoping for a much better year in 2008. Considering that you could say that Rackers single-handling cost the Cardinals a game or two last year and consequently kept them out of the playoffs, he needs to have a much better year (here's a more detailed story I did earlier in the offseason on Rackers).
  • looks back at the Saints game and say that many of the questions that they had going into the game were answered. They quickly cover the QB battle (or lack thereof), the 3rd receiver, the pass and run defense and JJ Arrington's future among other things. 
  • Much has been made about Coach Whisenhunt plucking former Steelers players from the waiver wire but it seems to be having the effect that he was hoping. Veteran players are starting to become 'on the field coaches' and guys like Clark Haggans routinely stick around after practice to help out youngsters like Chris Harrington. Some consider the idea of a 'winning mentality' overrated but it sure seems like it starting to seep into the Cardinals locker room.
  • Injuries are starting to pile up in camp and the list now includes Antrel Rolle (ankle sprain), Early Doucet (hamstring), DRC (ankle sprain), Roderick Hood (foot), Al Johnson (knee), Dionte Johnson (foot), Carlton Medder (elbow), Monty Beisel (back) and Gabe Watson (knee). The injuries to Rolle, DRC and Hood aren't considered serious and they haven't been ruled out of Saturday's game. Doucet on the other hand is doubtful for the game and the hope now is that he'll be able to return to full practice by early next week.

Also if you signed up for spot in ROTB's fantasy football league, remember to check your email for your log in information. If you're interested in spot in the league but haven't signed up yet, email me or leave a comment in this thread and I'll contact you because the deadline to get in is approaching fast.