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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp Update

Last night was another lively practice as the team moved over the Lumberjack Stadium to practice under the lights. These practices are always capped off by a live goal line or 11-on-11 drill and this practice was no different. The red zone 11-on-11 produced a couple of scrums and was the hardest hitting part of training camp to date. Travis_laboy2_medium

Round One: The first 'dust-up' of the night was a smaller one and was a result of Travis LaBoy putting a hit on Brian St. Pierre. Since hitting any quarterback in practice is a definite no-no, Whisenhunt was quick to pull LaBoy aside. Kurt Warner though took exception to the hit though and looked visibly aggravated and tried to talk to LaBoy himself, to no avail.

Round Two: Towards the end of practice, emotions ran even higher. During a Hightower run, he and Aaron Francisco got tied up and A-dub came in and knocked Hightower to the ground. Levi Brown instantly shoved Wilson back and within seconds most of the team was in the middle of a scuffle.

In the end coaches may say that they don't like seeing fights or skirmishes during practice but I look it as a good sign and I'd be surprised if most coaches didn't secretly like them as well. These guys are ultra-competitive and practicing against the same guys for a couple of weeks often wears on your patience.

Injury Update: The good news is that DRC returned to practice yesterday but didn't do much in the night session. That's a good sign considering that nearly every news outlet was reporting that he was carted off the field earlier in the week.  Roderick Hood and Brandon Keith also returned to practice but Darnell Dockett (shoulder) was held out. Antrel Rolle (ankle) was also held out of practice again and he's probably not going to play in Saturday's game.