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Kurt Warner Will Start for the Arizona Cardinals on Saturday?

In a somewhat surprising revelation, Coach Whisenhunt strongly hinted at the possibility of Kurt Warner starting this Saturday's preseason clash with the Chiefs. He's wouldn't give a definitive answer either way but said that he was "thinking about it" and he went on to say that he wants to give Warner a certain number of snaps and that starting him was the only way to ensure that he gets them.

If this ends up being true and Warner starts on Saturday, I'll be somewhat perplexed. If he wanted to get Warner a certain amount of snaps then he could have simply left the starting offensive line in last weeks' game for one more series. He would still have that option this week if his motivation was simply to get Warner some time with the first unit. This honestly sounds like the coaching staff playing some mind games with Leinart. Thoughts? Does this move make sense to anyone else?


Update: Here are some quotes from Whiz and Warner and some more news from Darren Urban.

From Coach Whisenhunt:

"The one thing I want to make sure we do is make sure Kurt gets some time with the ‘ones,’ and I think the best way to control that (is to) … start him in the game," Whisenhunt said. "You just don’t know how (playing time) will play out because we haven’t decided how long our offensive line is going to go yet. In order to get (Kurt) time in a game with those guys and not worrying about whether that is in the second quarter or later on, I am kind of thinking about (starting him)."

From Kurt Warner:

“Coach, to his credit, from day one told me it was a competition,” Warner said. “You can’t see anything that doesn’t show that. He has been fair with reps in practice and now starting this game, I am just fortunate. I have been in other difficult situations and to get a chance to start, to get a chance to play, to get the reps I am getting, I am exciting. I do believe it is a competition and that’s how I am treating it, whether it is six plays, 10 plays, 20 plays, it doesn’t matter.”