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Arizona Cardinals Question of the Week

Much has been made of the possibility of Kurt Warner starting tomorrow's preseason game, but is it really a big deal? Is the coaching staff giving Kurt an opening to win the starting quarterback job or should we take the explanation at face value?

On one hand, it could be said that this is just a way to ensure that Kurt gets a certain number of snaps with the entire first team since Leinart got all of the first string snaps last week. Leinart will still get a chance to work behind the first string line and he'll also be forced to build some chemistry with the second string wide receivers. On the other hand though, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense to sit your 'starting quarterback' who missed most of last season with an injury. It almost doesn't make much sense to sit your starting quarterback so that your backup quarterback can get snaps with the 'ones.'


So my question to you is simple, has this quarterback battle/competition/question finally turned into a legit controversy? Are we still to believe that Matt is the starter and it's his job to lose or is it an open competition?