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Arizona Cardinals Community Projections: Larry Fitzgerald

Fitz3_mediumWith the regular season opener just over three weeks away, it's about time to start our ROTB Community Projections. The projections are very easy and all that is required is your opinion and some imagination. At the end of the season, we'll take a look at each players' projections and see how well or terrible we did as a group and individually. In an effort to make the accumulating easier on my part, please post your projections in the subject line of the comment box and any explanations or commentary in the body of the comment.

First up is Larry Fitzgerald. We all know Fitz is a great receiver who puts up fantastic numbers when he's on the field. He hasn't wasted any time establishing himself as on one of the better wideouts in the league and considering his age (not quite 25) and experience (entering 5th season), it's conceivable that his best playing days are still in the future. Here's a look at his career numbers to date:

Games Receptions Yards Yds/Rec TD
2004 16 58 780 13.4 8
2005 16 103 1,409 13.7 10
2006 13 69 946 13.7 6
2007 15 100 1409 14.1 10
Totals 60 330 4,544 13.8 34

Through his first four seasons, injuries seem to be the only thing that can slow him down and if he's healthy he should have every opportunity to post career numbers in nearly every category. The team is improving the running game but the strength of this Cardinals offense is still Fitz and Q. He'll get his share of receptions and touchdowns and his new focus on yards after the catch could lead to even more big plays. Granted his production will depend on the quarterback back play and to a lesser extent, the health of Anquan Boldin, but for these purposes let's come to a single set of numbers regardless of which QB is under center. So with all that said here's my projection:

16 GP, 112 Rec, 1,523 Yds (13.6 yards per), 15 TDs

Simple as that guys. So what kind of numbers will Fitz post in 2008? Is he headed to his third Pro Bowl and will he finally make All-Pro?