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Arizona Cardinals Community Projections: Anquan Boldin

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I guess we'll stick to the Boldin-theme today and make him our second player in ROTB's community projections. If you missed out on giving your estimates for Larry Fitzgerald, it's not to late to put in your two cents. Boldin3_medium

As for the Q, he's been around long enough for us to know the bullet points of his resume. He's certainly been an outstanding player since his very first game in this league, and much like his counterpart, Larry Fitzgerald, injuries are just about the only thing that slows him down. He's missed twelve games over the past four seasons but when he's on the field he's a leader by example and a force to be reckoned with. He's been slowed during camp by a hamstring injury but he's at a prime age (27) to have a career year. Here's a look at his career numbers up until now:

Games Receptions Yards Yds/Rec TD
2007 12 71 853 12.0 9
2006 16 83 1,203 14.5 4
2005 14 102 1,402 13.7 7
2004 10 56 623 11.1 1
2003 16 101 1,377 13.6 8
Totals 68 413 5,458 13.2 29

Q may have some extracurricular activities going on this year but I still trust him to turn it on when he's on the field. His ultimate contributions don't always show up in a box score but he's still got some great stats and 2008 should be no different. He shouldn't have any problems bettering his career averages of 82 receptions for 1,091 yards and just over 7 touchdowns if he can stay healthy. As we did with Fitz, please put your projections in the subject line and any description or explanation in the body of the comment. Here's mine:

14 Games, 91 Rec, 1,165 yards (12.8 yards per), 7 TDs