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Stock Up & Stock Down: Arizona Cardinal Style

The first round of cuts is less than a week away and in ten days the rosters will be trimmed all the way down to the final 53 players. With that in mind here's a look at some of the 'bubble' players and how whether they've helped or hurt they're chances of making the team:

Stock_up_medium Ali Highsmith: The undrafted rookie has played very well through to this point and he's proving that his forty time at the combine was more of a farce than an inability to play this game. He's got nine tackles through two games and it seems like no matter where the play ends up, he's around the ball. An even better indication that he'll have a chance to stick has been his prowess on special teams. He'll have to continue to impress because of the depth at inside line backer.

Stock_up_medium Michael Adams: The second year pro has looked much better than last year. Adams is vastly undersized but he makes up for his lack of stature with pure determination. He's been a terror on special teams, especially as a gunner on the punt team. He just missed out a "pick-six" against the Chiefs when he read a route perfectly but let an easy pick bounce off of his hands. He might not ever become a solid backup corner back but right now he's an asset on special teams and his coverage skills have improved.

Stock_up_medium Joe Tafoya: Tafoya's entering his seventh season and his biggest problem is that he doesn't fit into the new 'hybrid 3-4' defense that Clancy Pendergast is running. That hasn't stopped Tafoya from recording a sack in both preseason games and racking up seven tackles. In the end, he's still likely to get caught in a numbers game at defensive end but he's making a solid case for the team to find room for him somewhere.

Stock_up_medium J.J. Arrington: Everyone's favorite whipping boy has shown a new drive this year, that frankly I haven't seen from him before. He's not only running with the speed and quickness that he's always had, but he's also showing some new toughness. He hasn't gotten any extensive snaps in the regular offense but when he does have the ball he doesn't seem to be shying away from contact as in years past. He likely still won't live up to his second round draft status but at least through two games, he looks like a guy that can help this team win.

Stock_up_medium Jerheme Urban: If the regular season started today, Urban would be the number five receiver, if not the number four. He's certainly outperformed the likes of Morey and Rector and if Doucet can't get healthy he might just slip into the number four slot. Urban has kept the momentum going from last season and he's shown the ability to fill in as a kick returner.

Stock_down_medium Sean Morey: Morey's a 'Whiz guy' and he's made a career out of being a standout on special teams. So far though he's yet to record a single tackle on the coverage units and his two catches for ten yards won't be enough to keep him from getting cut. I'm sure that Whiz will give him every chance to make the squad he really needs to make an impact on special teams in the next two games because he's not much of a receiver.

Stock_down_medium Jamaica Rector: Rector had a pretty good opening game against the Saints (4 receptions for 34 yards), but he looked completely lost and overwhelmed against the Chiefs. He had a drop and was the cause of confusion when he went in motion before a play causing the team to take a timeout. There was some hope that Rector's speed could become an asset for a Cardinals offense that lacks 'game-changing speed' but so far he hasn't shown any signs of becoming a consistent player.

Stock_down_medium Anthony Morelli: Morrelli hasn't gotten many snaps so far but when he dropped back to pass against the Saints it was obvious that he didn't have what it takes to be an NFL quarterback. He lacks the ability to feel pressure or the ability to get rid of the ball quickly. He might not get any snaps this week but if he survives the initial cuts, he could see much more playing time in the final preseason game. The best case scenario for him is the practice squad but he needs to play better.

Stock_down_medium Monty Beisel: Beisel's slide isn't related to his play on the field because he hasn't been able to get on the field yet. He finally returned to practice this week, on a limited basis, and it's not clear whether or not he'll play against the Raiders. He's a solid veteran backup but the competition at inside linebacker is fierce and he'll have to prove that he's healthy before opening day.