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Anquan Boldin vs. Arizona Cardinals Update

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Since it looks like this could be an ongoing issue for a while, we'll try and give you the blow by blow. There isn't any breaking news out there but both sides have addressed the media and as you might expect, trade rumors are popping up everywhere. Anquan_boldin_medium

One day later, Boldin hasn't backed down a bit and he responds to questions about his image and the possibility of being traded:

Boldin was asked if he worried that his image was suffering because of his trade request and other comments. "I'm not worried about that. Anybody who knows me knows what kind of guy I am. They know that I'm a hard worker. I'm a guy that does the right thing on and off the field. I'm not worried about my reputation being tarnished for me telling the truth." And, finally, his comments about asking for the trade: "My whole thing was if I'm not going to be treated fairly and my hard work and loyalty are not going to be rewarded then let me go somewhere where it will be rewarded. That's how I feel and I'll continue to feel that way."

Coach Whisenhunt isn't being as vocal though, he made it clear today that he will not be addressing the situation for the time being. The Cardinals are sticking to their guns though and are saying that they have no intentions of trading him and still hope to sign him to a new deal.

On the Trade Front: If the Cardinals pull of the unlikely and decide to trade Boldin before the season starts, there seem to be numerous suitors. First let me state that these are all rumors right now but some reports have as many as 17 teams offering first round picks for his services. Other reports put his value as high as a 1st and a 2nd round pick. The only player trade that I keep hearing continuously is with the Eagles and involves cornerback Lito Sheppard. If you ask me Sheppard is very similar to Boldin in many ways including age (27), success (two time Pro Bowler), injury risk (missed 15 games the past 4 years) and agent (Drew Rosenhaus), so I'm not terribly interested in that idea. The smart thing, at least in my opinion, is just to ride this thing out and hope that a winning season quiets his complaints. After the season they'll have to decide whether or not to pay him big bucks or just get what they can get for Boldin. What's your take on it????