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Arizona Cardinals Community Projections: Steve Breaston

Since Breaston seems to have the 3rd wide receiver role wrapped up we'll look at his 2008 and what we should expect. In case you missed out on your chance to predict Larry Fitzgerald and/or Anquan Boldin's numbers this season, there is still time so throw your projections into the mix. Breaston_medium

Breaston doesn't have any receiving stats of note (8 receptions for 92 yards last year) to look at yet considering this is his second season. He was primarily a returner in 2007 and even though he'll keep that role, he'll also get plenty of opportunities to contribute on the offensive side of the ball. His speed should will be a welcome edition to an offense that has plenty of play makers but not many speedsters. He's replacing Bryant Johnson as the #3 receiver and even though they're different types of players, it's possible that Breaston could post similar numbers. Johnson was primarily a backup for the past three seasons and averaged 42 receptions, 566 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Breaston should be able to excel out of the slot where defenders won't be able to jam him and his quickness and speed will require a third corner as opposed to a safety or linebacker. You know the drill, post your projections in the subject line and any explanations in the body of your comment. You can also include any return stats, if you feel so inclined. Here's mine:

39 receptions, 596 yards (15.3 yards per), 2 touchdowns