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Arizona Cardinals Question of the Week

News is creeping out that the Cardinals will have some new guys running with the first team on Saturday against the Raiders. Whisenhunt confirmed that several guys including Elton Brown, Travis LaBoy, Alan Branch, and as we all know Kurt Warner will see snaps with first team. Matt Ware and Aaron Francisco will also split the starting time at free safety in Rolle absence due to his ankle injury. While that doesn't mean that any of them are necessarily in the mix for a starting job, which Whiz is quick to point out, it has mean something right? It has to be either a lack of quality play by the current starters or better than expected play by this group. The next logical step, at least in my illogical mind is to wonder who's the most likely to unseat the incumbent starter.

Elton Brown: Brown will finally see snaps at RG with the first group after Whiz talked about it for several weeks. He's made no secret about his dissatisfaction with Deuce Lutui and his inability to become a consistent player. For a guy like Brown, entering the final year of his deal, this could be the difference between a middle-of-the-road contract and solid starter-type contract.Travis_laboy3_medium

Travis LaBoy: LaBoy was the standout from last week when he finished with the team lead in tackles and two sacks and even more importantly he looked better than expected against the run. He was expected to back up Bertrand Berry and provide a consistent pass rush when on the field but his performance last week could have vaulted him into a dead heat with the 33 year old Berry.

Alan Branch: No player have been ragged on by fans and coaches alike the past month than Alan Branch, but Whiz said that he looked better against the Chiefs. While Whiz still described him as a flickering light, he said that his light is staying on more often these days. The Cardinals traded up to pick Branch early in the second round just 16 months ago and they need him to become at least a consistent backup to Gabe Watson.

Kurt Warner: We all know the details of Warner's situation so for the sake of not beating this dead horse anymore, we'll leave it at that.

So the question I pose to you is simple: Who is most likely to become a starter for the first game against the Niners? If you think that multiple guys have a chance, who's your second choice? Who's the least likely?