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Whisenhunt to ESPN: Leinart is Still the Starter for the Arizona Cardinals

We expected Coach Whisenhunt to downplay the ESPN story that the Arizona Cardinals had named (or would soon name) Kurt Warner as the starting quarterback. It was a bit surprising that he went as far as to say that Leinart was still the starting quarterback for now and that no 'knee-jerk' reaction would be made after one half of preseason football. 

"Contrary to everything (reported), nothing has changed," Whisenhunt said. "We have not made a decision. We have not named Kurt the starting quarterback….It’s unfortunate it was out there. Its unfortunate Matt has to see those things. But I understand the quarterbackWarner_and_leinart_medium is the focus and people are quick to make judgments. It’s a process. You don’t (make a decision) based on one play or one half….But it’d be incorrect of me to ignore the fact Matt didn’t play well."

Whisenhunt went on to say that he talked with Leinart and reiterated that the reports weren't true, especially the part about his arm strength and his inconsistent play in camp. He also mentioned that Leinart's mistakes were physical 'gaffes' instead of mental errors which points to the mistakes being easily correctable. Both quarterbacks took snaps with the first team in practice on Monday and at least for now we'll have to wait to get some confirmation on who will take the field on September 7th, when the Cardinals travel to San Francisco.

Is anyone buying Whiz's story or is this just posturing for the sake of keeping the Niners from being able to focus on one QB? Is there any way that a great game by Matt against the Broncos would sway someone's opinion at this point?