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Arizona Cardinals Final Projected 53 Man Roster: Take 3 & Official Prediction Thread

With just a couple of days before the big cut down day, what better way to spend the day than taking one last stab at the 53-man roster. In case you missed the first two installments (First and Second), we've been fairly accurate considering we correctly predicted Marcel Shipp getting cut but somehow how Bo Schobel making the roster. This is the last chance though so here goes:

QBs: (3) - Matt Lienart, Kurt Warner, and Brian St. Pierre

No change and I'd still try and keep Morelli for the practice squad.

RBs: (3) - Edgerrin James, JJ Arrington, Tim Hightower

No change on the roster but Chris Vincent was brought back for a reason and he looked really good against the Raiders. If he outperforms Steve Baylark then he'll win the practice squad job.

FBs: (2) - Tim Castille & Terrelle Smith

I feel like a politician flip-flopping on this one but I've finally come around to the idea of keeping both. Not many teams do but Smith is too good of a blocker and Castille is too versatille.

WRs: (5) - Fitz, Q, Early Doucet, Steve Breaston, Jerheme Urban

Adding a fullback means that one of these guys has to go so Rector's the odd man out. Lance Long is practice squad material though.

TEs: (3) - Leonard Pope, Ben Patrick, Jermane Tuman

No change again.

OL: (9) - Levi Brown, Deuce Lutui, Al Johnson, Reggie Wells, Mike Gandy, Elton Brown, Lyle Sendlein, Brandon Keith, Elliot Vallejo

Meet Elliot Vallejo. He's stood out with the second team and he's broke into my top 53. He's still practice squad eligible but I'm not sure some other team wouldn't scoop him up.

DT/NT: (2) - Gabe Watson & Alan Branch

No change. Keep in mind that Bryan Robinson is playing more NT right now.

DE: (5) - Darnell Dockett, Antonio Smith, Bryan Robinson, Calais Campbell & Kenny Iwebema

No change and I still think that Keilen Dykes will end up on the practice squad.

OLB: (4) - Chike Okeafor, Bertrand Berry, Clark Haggans & Travis LaBoy

No change here. It's a risk trying to slip Harrington through to the practice squad because he's looked pretty good for a rookie the past two games but there are just too many guys ahead of him. They try to keep him on the practice squad though.

ILB: (5) - Karlos Dansby, Gerald Hayes, Brandon Moore, Matt Stewart & Ali Highsmith

There's a serious log-jam at ILB with Beisel, Stewart, Moore and Highsmith all vying for two or three jobs. In the end, I'm going with 5 spots here and Moore gets the nod because he's versatile enough to play inside and outside. Stewart beats out Beisel because he's younger and has more starting experience. Highsmith is the youngster but I'm not risking trying to slip him through to the practice squad.

CBs: (5) - Roderick Hood, Eric Green, DRC, Ralph Brown & Micheal Adams

The only change is adding Ralph Brown back to the mix and bumping Ware to the safety spot.

FS/SS: (4) - Adrian Wilson, Antrel Rolle, Aaron Francisco & Matt Ware

Ware gets bumped to safety because I think Ralph Brown has outperformed Oliver Celestin. Dennis Keyes has made plays the past two games and he's earned himself a year on the practice squad.

Specialists: (3) - Neil Rackers, Dirk Johnson & Nathan Hodel

No change.


There's my final 53 man roster for your Arizona Cardinals and here's your chance to make any roster predictions that you want. Who's staying and who's going? Who's a bubble guy that you really like and you hope makes the cut? How would you tweak this roster or would you just rip it up and start over? Is there enough talent and depth for this roster to win the NFC West? Now it's your turn.....