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Arizona Cardinals Community Projections: Edgerrin James

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Our community wide projections shifts from those who catch the ball to those who carry the rock and where better to start than Edgerrin James. If you missed out on the opportunity to give your projections for Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston or Leonard Pope then just click on the players names and put your predictions on record. 

Edge hasn't had the type of success that he or the Cardinals envisioned when he was signed as aEdge1_medium free agent in 2006 but the table is set for his best season as a Cardinal this year. Edge, as always, is in great shape and his carries have been limited in the preseason to make sure that he's ready for the regular season. He's also got, arguably  the best line in the past three seasons and he's finally got a compliment back to give him a breather. Edge has been a workhorse back his entire career averaging over 316 carries and 46 receptions a season over the past nine years but at some point the 30 year old back needs someone else to help him shoulder the load. His monster seasons of over 2,000 combined yardage are over but there's no reason to think that he doesn't have at least a couple more seasons of productive play. His game has always been more based on great vision and quickness rather than pure speed and the Cardinals are finally incorporating some of the 'zone blocking' schemes that he used in Indianapolis. Here's a look at his career numbers:

Games Att Yards Avg TD
2007 16 324 1,222 3.8 7
2006 16 337 1,159 3.4 6
2005 15 360 1,506 4.2 13
2004 16 334 1,548 4.6 9
2003 13 310 1,259 4.1 11
2002 14 277 989 3.6 2
2001 6 151 662 4.4 3
2000 16 387 1,709 4.4 13
1999 16 369 1,553 4.2 13
Totals 128 2849 11,607 4.1 77

I tend to think that Edge will be more productive this year because he won't get as many carries. The Cardinals have a legitimate #2 back and a guy who can take some of the short yardage abuse off of Edge's shoulders. You know the drill: Projections in the subject line and explanation in the body of your comment. Here's my take:

15 Games, 267 carries, 1,148 yards (4.3 ypc), 5 TDs