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Arizona Cardinals Name Kurt Warner the Starting QB (for the Final Preseason Game)

Warner_mediumCoach Whisenhunt announced yesterday that Kurt Warner will the be the starting quarterback for his Arizona Cardinals when the Broncos come to town to end the preseason. He was quick to point out that this is not an indication that Warner will start the regular season opener but instead he cited that Warner hadn't received enough snaps with the first team yet. So far through the preseason, Warner has taken 30 snaps overall versus Leinart's 57. What makes this even more interesting is that Whisenhunt said he was sure how long, or IF Matt Leinart will play behind the second string offensive line.

To this point, it's been hard to figure out exactly what Ken Whisenhunt was thinking but the picture is getting much more clear. If Warner starts and Leinart does not touch the field then you can go ahead and pencil Warner in atop the depth chart (as long as he doesn't have a 3 INT, 2.8 QB rating). Warner has performed better during the preseason and if this was really a competition then he should be the starter. Matt needs at least the opportunity to take some snaps to put last week behind him though, even if those snaps are with the second string offense and the Broncos third string defense. Chances are that Leinart will have to get on the field at some point this season and it would be nice if his most recent memories weren't throwing three interceptions in five offensive series. Thoughts? How would you divide the playing time?