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Arizona Cardinals Community Projections: Quarterback

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Rounding out the offense, Revenge of the Birds takes a look at the Arizona Cardinals quarterbacks and wonder, what will their numbers look like? Obviously it's nearly impossible to make any kind of accurate predictions (if there is such a thing) on what kind of numbers the quarterbacks will put up if we don't even know which QB will line up under center. We'll do our best though and if you haven't taken a second to give us your two cents on the upcoming seasons of Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin, Steve Breaston, Leonard Pope and Edgerrin James, there is still time. Just click on the players name to give us your community projections, it's easy and if you're the closest, you'll have all off season to gloat.

While most around the league look at the Cardinals quarterback situation and shutter, I tend to view it as one of the strengths of the team. Are there some unknowns? Sure there are, but we do know that we've got two quarterbacks who are capable of playing quality football. Warner is the more reliable option but we all know that his age is a concern. He's an accomplished, seasoned and prolific passer who's seen everything that a defense can throw his way. With over 24,000 passing yards and over 150 touchdowns, Warner has the ability to lead this team to a high scoring, exciting season, if he wins the starting job. Matt Leinart on the other hand is a younger more conservative option. If he's the starter, the Cardinals will likely score less points but also turn the ball over less. He's been praised this offseason for his re-dedication to the game and his improved work ethic on everything from footwork to mechanics to film study. Whichever quarterback steps on the field first come September 7th, they'll have the weapons to put points on the board and defensive coordinators on edge.


This projection will be a bit different that the others that we've done because instead of doing an individual player, we're doing an entire position. So here's how it's going to work: Put the name of the player that you think will start the most games at quarterback in the subject line and then the projections for each QB in the body of your comment. If you think all three QBs will play but Brian St. Pierre will start the most games, let us know about it. Here's mine:  Warner will start 12 games

Warner: 12 games (all starts), 363 attempts, 235 completions (64.7 %), 2,867 yards (7.9 YPA), 23 TDs, 12 INTs

Leinart: 7 games (4 starts), 140 attempts, 84 attempts (60.2 %), 994 yards (7.1 YPA), 11 TDs, 5 INTs

Brian St. Pierre: 1 games (0 starts), 1 attempt, 1 completion, 3 yards (something tells me that Whiz will got out of his way to get BSP his first professional completion)