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Arizona Cardinals Consider Hypothetical Trade Offer for Anquan Boldin

Well here's a new twist to our regular content, JScott from Buc 'em (Buccaneers' blog) has sent a hypothetical trade proposal for Anquan Boldin. He's polled his community to see what they'd be willing to give up to get a our Pro Bowl wide receiver and I think he's brought back a pretty fair offer but I, of course, need your input. Please remember that this is a hypothetical offer and that I'm not Rod Graves and JScott isn't the Bucs' GM. With that being said here's the offer to trade Anquan Boldin to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers:

First round pick in 2009 and a 2nd Tier Player (namely Jeremy Zuttah or Micheal Clayton)

Now if you're not a Buccaneer fan or draft expert, you're probably thinking, "who in Boldin2_medium
the world is Jeremy Zuttah?" Well he was the Bucs' third round pick this year and he's currently their starting right guard. He played his college ball at Rutgers and started 28 consecutive games while not allowing a sack the past two seasons. He played three different positions at Rutgers but most of his experience is at right tackle. Draft experts and apparently the Tampa Bay coaching staff agreed that he was better suited to play inside at the professional level. He's taken snaps at both guards and center during the Bucs' camp. As for a scouting report, he's a smart player who moves well in space and plays with good technique. He's not the strongest player out there but his coaching staff praised his toughness and he was considered the hardest worker on the Rutgers team. He's got some injury concerns as he got dinged up from time to time and had to play through the pain and most scouts agree that he'll have to gain some weight (6'4 303) before he's truly effective at this level. He could be very nice fit for a team that's in the process of transitioning to a zone blocking scheme, as the Cardinals are tinkering with right now.

As for Michael Clayton, I think most of us would recognize the name. He was a first round pick in 2004 and exploded on the scene much like Boldin did with 80 receptions and nearly 1,200 yards his rookie season. He's regressed terribly though and hasn't broken 400 yards receiving since. His catches have fallen each season (just 22 in 2007) and he's battled injuries but even when he's healthy he has consistently underwhelmed the Bucs. The only bright side of his cloud though is that he's got all the physical tools to be a good receiver (6'4 215 and 4.5 speed) and he's only 25 years old so perhaps a change of scenery is what he really needs.

So there it is Cardinals fans, would you trade Anquan Boldin for a first round pick and either one of these guys? Obviously I know that we would all prefer to keep Boldin but for the sake of this argument, lets assume that we have to trade him. Is this a fair offer and would it be enough for you to pull the trigger if you knew that you had to trade him? If you don't think this offer is acceptable, please explain what your counter offer would be.