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Arizona Cardinals Cut Roster to 53

The Arizona Cardinals cut their roster down to 53 today and a couple of the cuts were somewhat surprising, especially at inside linebacker. The list of guys who got the bad news today includes:

On Defense: Brandon Moore, Matt Stewart, Joe Tafoya, Micheal Adams, DeMario Minter, Dennis Keyes, Tavarous Bains, Jason Banks, Keilen Dykes and Chris Harrington

On Offense: Steve Blayark, Chris Vincent, Patt Ross, Kelly Butler, Carlton Medder, Peter Clifford, Jasper Harvey, Jamaica Rector, Lance Long, Brent Miller, Alex Shor and Anthony Morelli.

What do you guys think? I was right on Elliot Vallejo making the squad but I missed on Sean Morey and Oliver Celestin. They did end up going with two fullbacks and it should be interesting to see how they utilize both guys. Anyone care to take a guess at which guys end up on the practice squad? Here's mine:

Dennis Keyes, Keilen Dykes, Chris Harrington, Chris Vincent, Pat Ross, Carlton Medder, Lance Long and Morelli.