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Quick Hits: Arizona Cardinals Style

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Its seems that with the preseason creeping up on us everyone else is cleaning out their offseason notebook so there are a ton of Cardinals related stories out there. With thoughts of an actual game so close, I'm having a hard time doing much more than day-dreaming so here's what everyone else is talking about:

  • Kent Somers lays out the depth chart according to today's walk through but there aren't any major surprises. The only positions of note are the second string wide receivers (with Boldin and Doucet out) Jerheme Urban and Jamaica Rector. The makeshift second unit offensive line will consist of (from right to left) Elliot Vallejo, Brandon Keith, Pat Ross, Elton Brown and Kelly Butler. If you're counting, only Brown and Butler have taken a snap inFitz2_medium the NFL and less than a week ago Ross and Butler didn't even have a job.
  • Somers also talks about how Larry Fitzgerald can improve his game. That almost sounds like blasphemy for a guy with two Pro Bowls, multiple 1,000 yards seasons and 34 touchdowns in four seasons until you consider the fact that he's still only 24 years old (he'll turn 25 at the end of this month). It's hard to believe that a guy with so much on his resume is still not old enough to rent a car.
  • The East Valley Tribune says that if you liked Calvin Pace last year, just wait until you see Chike Okeafor this year. Even an average season for Okeafor would be an upgrade over Pace's 6.5 sacks from last season and there are some who think that Okeafor should reach double digit sacks in the 3-4.
  • Lyle Sendlein was an undrafted rookie this time last year but he could be preparing to open the season as the starting center this year, depending on how Al Johnson bounces back from knee surgery. His limited playing time as a rookie could have him in a position for a breakout season if he's given the chance, says the Tribune.
  • Just in case you haven't gotten enough talk about the potential QB controversy/battle/competition, Scout breaks it down again. I, for one, am just ready to see it play out on the field instead of reading about it. 
  • We haven't covered the special teams unit very much, although with the questions surrounding Neil Rackers and Dirk Johnson, we probably should in the near future. The official site gives you a preview of how the two are working together to improve one of the weakest units on the team.
  • The wide receiver position might be the deepest unit on the team, especially considering that the top four spots are seemingly set in stone. Coach Whisenhunt is still calling it a free-for-all competition with as many as six players vying for the final three or four rosters spots and it'll likely take all of the preseason to sort it all out.

That's it folks. Tomorrow is gameday meaning that the oh-so-long offseason is nearing an end and we'll finally be able to relax on a Sunday afternoon and watch the greatest game on earth. All that being said, I've only got one question for you: Are you ready for some football?